Catch, and store rain water in a bladder.

Store water now, whilst you can, in the most cost effective way possible, in our bladders.

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  • Our primary focus is the supply and technical back up of high quality Damsak WATER STORAGE BLADDERS that can be used for a variety of different  applications.
  • We offer expert advice and guidance on technical aspects related to our bladders and can assist with installation should this be required.
  • Water bladders have massive advantages over plastic and steel tanks, concrete reservoirs, or underground water storage – please see “advantages” under “DOWNLOADS”.
  • We supply a range of standard long term bladders, a range of shorter term bladders primarily used by pool maintenance contractors, and a bladder hiring/pumping facility via a third party – see details under PRICING.

Bladder Uses

  • Water storage – from down pipes, boreholes or tankers
  • Storage of most fluids – (for example: wine, cane juice, fertilizer, diesel, transformer oil, sewage, molasses)
  • Transporting water – custom made for trailers and trucks
  • Water pipe maintenance
  • Temporary storage and pool maintenance – we have a cheaper range for this, using non block out 700g PVC
  • Water/wine storage underneath decks
  • Construction sites, agriculture, mining, domestic, industrial sites.

Advantages of using Water Bladders

  • Zero sun penetration
  • Zero algae growth
  • Zero temperature change of water
  • Simple to transport and connect
  • Simple to fill and extract from
  • Versatile
  • A dozen standard sizes up to 300,000L
  • Custom made if required
  • Delivered to any destination in SA and beyond
  • 10 year warranty
  • 3-7day delivery
  • Expert advice