GARDEN RESQ – important pointers and info

  • The first thing you need to check is the visibility of the waste pipes outside the house – you will need to connect these so that the grey water is gravity fed into our container through the bottom inlet pipe. If the waste pipes are on ground level you will have to drop the unit into the ground 200-300mm so that the waste pipes line up with our inlet pipe.
  • The green container is +- 70L capacity, but it does not store grey water, it is merely a transit tank, so when water enters, it exits soon thereafter when the pump turns on. Some companies sell much larger containers, but size in this instance makes no difference at all!
  • Hose pipes or irrigation pipes connected to the black irrigation fitting on the side of the Garden ResQ container must be 20mm pipes (not smaller).
  • The pump can pump out 150L of water per minute, but the pyramid sprinkler attached to the end of the hose pipe can only release 40L of water per minute. This is why one can’t connect more than 2 bathrooms per container – the flow of water into the container from the bathrooms would be too high which means the level of water in the container would rise higher than what the pump could handle. This therefore means the grey water would flow back through the waste pipe at the top, and back into the gulley.
  • The common pump that we use on most units is 750w, and German made, and sometimes a 900w (from China), depending on availability – they’re both as good as the other.
  • The pump is effective up to about 30m in length.
  • ‘Free flowing” attachments must be used ie: some Gardenia fittings (and similar makes) have a smaller diameter than 20mm which restricts the flow of water to the sprinkler.
  • A normal flowing shower uses about 20L of water per minute.
  • It is not necessary to use PVC weld on the connectors mentioned above. Simply connect by hand pressure.
  • Grey water shouldn’t be stored for longer than 24hrs. It can start to smell a bit if it does. We have anti-odour balls contained in a netted bag that can be supplied if necessary.
  • Fynbos and succulants are not great with grey water, although it can be used, and grey water shouldn’t really be used on veggie gardens.
  • One can connect a rain water tank outlet pipe or overflow pipe to our unit – the pump switches on as soon as water enters the container as is does with grey water.

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