Water storage is not limited to above ground systems only (dams, reservoirs, steel, concrete, PVC).

New to South Africa, we now offer an UNDERGROUND water storage system, called Versitank.

Versitank is simple to explain:

“It is an interlocking (recycled) plastic crating system, which is built like LEGO on top of a plastic sheet. The plastic sheet wraps around the entire system. Ground is then backfilled over the wrapped system, compacted, paved, and then driven over”.

The crates are imported from Singapore and arrive “flat packed”. One million liters of storage capacity requires an area of 50m x 20m, and 1m depth. So a rugby field sized area can house 5 million liters of water underground.


  • Excavate area required, plus 10% on all sides to allow for easy movement
  • Position pre made PVC liner – the liner is made to size in the factory, with welded sides on all four corners.
  • Position Versitank crating ONTOP of the PVC liner, clip crating together.
  • Wrap crating with excess PVC liner, solvent weld together.
  • Insert pre made manhole next to crating system – the manhole has an entry and exit point – so storm water enters one side, and exists the other side of the manhole directly to the crating system via a 75mm pipe connected to the crating (using a tank connector).
  • Backfill sides and compact, backfill on top of structure and compact.
  • Level out sand blinding layer for paving.
  • Pave

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