Using WATER BLADDERS to store or harvest water (or most fluids) is completely underrated. Traditional storage methods, ie: plastic, steel or concrete tanks/reservoirs are generally the “go to” methods, but financially these do not make sense comparing the cost per liter by using bladders. Storage in a 250000L bladder for instance isn’t comparible to any … Read more


Rain Water Harvesting

Catching and storing rain water dates back more than 5 000 years, and continues to be an essential component of sustainable human existence. This is particularly true within Southern Africa, where we have experienced irregular weather patterns for the last 10 years, with such unpredictability looking like it is here to stay. Because of this, … Read more

WATER BLADDERS – the strongest, the most economical

Our patented system, tried and tested since 2007, is unbeatable value for storing most liquids – WATER, WINE, FERTILIZER, SEWAGE, TRANSFORMER OIL, DIESEL, CANE JUICE etc…………… We’re looking to export to Africa, Europe, America – any potential agents should get in touch via our website: www.waterbladders.co.za Supplied in a variety of sizes from 1000L up … Read more


Water bladders, as water and general fluid storage alternatives, are totally underated. The majority of people only think of plastic JoJo style tanks as being their only option – most probably because of the hype created by Day Zero and the need to store water. But the bottom line is, a bladder is CHEAPER by … Read more