Is EL NINO back in 2024?

It’s a big question, but indicators suggest it may well be.
If this is the case, storage of water is now becoming critical as pump stations, driven by electricity and the outages associated with it will come to an abrupt “end”.
Apart from the Lesotho Highlands water supply being disrupted for 6 months, starting in October 2024, we may end up with bigger problems than what we’re predicting.

The solution???

BUY A WATER STORAGE BLADDER – the most cost effective storage solution by far.


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Day Zero

Day Zero   January 2018 – Day Zero in the Western Cape ALMOST became a reality, but luckily it didn’t. If it had it, would have caused pandemonium. Since last year we have had “sufficient” rainfall. This has, however, remained below the 5 year average, according to historical data. The effects of a looming Day … Read more


Using WATER BLADDERS to store or harvest water (or most fluids) is completely underrated. Traditional storage methods, ie: plastic, steel or concrete tanks/reservoirs are generally the “go to” methods, but financially these do not make sense comparing the cost per liter by using bladders. Storage in a 250000L bladder for instance isn’t comparible to any … Read more

WATER BLADDERS – the strongest, the most economical

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Water bladders, as water and general fluid storage alternatives, are totally underated. The majority of people only think of plastic JoJo style tanks as being their only option – most probably because of the hype created by Day Zero and the need to store water. But the bottom line is, a bladder is CHEAPER by … Read more