Using WATER BLADDERS to store or harvest water (or most fluids) is completely underrated.

Traditional storage methods, ie: plastic, steel or concrete tanks/reservoirs are generally the “go to” methods, but financially these do not make sense comparing the cost per liter by using bladders. Storage in a 250000L bladder for instance isn’t comparible to any other storage method, working out at a mere R 0.26/L.

Our bladders were developed back in 2007 by Prof Bredenkamp. Many tests and mathematical formula were carried out and applied in true academic fashion, resulting in an end product that not only surpasses all required strength tests, but a product that has stood the test of time since those early days (the original units are still standing perfectly).

Water bladders can be used to store many different fluids – we have chemical resistence charts on hand should these be required.

Advantages of using water bladders are numerous. Probably the 2 biggest advantages are that they can be easily transported and assembled, and that there is ZERO evaporation OR contamination of whichever fluid is stored. [A 250000L bladder can be carried in the back of a bakkie]