Water bladders, as water and general fluid storage alternatives, are totally underated.

The majority of people only think of plastic JoJo style tanks as being their only option – most probably because of the hype created by Day Zero and the need to store water. But the bottom line is, a bladder is CHEAPER by far, more durable, far more adaptive, easy to transport, easy to connect to, easy to extract from. In addition, we can supply them up to a massive 250000L in size – the equivalent in plastic would be the size of a double storey house.

We supply water bladders in FOOD GRADE as well as general commercial grade. Food grade – meaning you can drink directly from them, but I personally have a commercial grade which I drink directly from as well. The destinction is basically for academic purposes to satisfy the authorities.

Bladders are underated because:

  • The water contained inside a bladder sits against the top surface of the bladder at all time, in effect protecting the outer surface of the bladder against excessive heat build up. In plastic water tanks, if the tank is half full the top half is exposed directly to the suns heat, causing degradation as well as toxicity!
  • Microorganisms form naturally at the bottom of a bladder which naturally filter the water of any impurities. Therefore there is ZERO algae growth.
  • Because bladders are UV stabilized, and because the inner surface is completely black, ZERO sunlight can penetrate.
  • Because bladders are a completely sealed unit, there is ZERO evaporation.
  • Bladders can stand in direct sunlight for many years – our first units manufactured in 2007 are still standing perfectly well.
  • We can load dozens into a container, whereas plastic tanks are simply not practical to transport over long distances.
  • We have a specialised PVC material called TPU which we use for petrol or diesel storage, as well as diluted acids.
  • Bladders can be used to store many different fluids: water, wine, petrol, diesel, acids, fertilizer, mollases, sewage, transformer oil etc………..
  • We supply three different grades of PVC: 700g BLOCKOUT PVCfor long term usage (12-18 years), 700g NON blockout PVC, for shorter term usage (4-8 years), 550g NON blockout PVC specifically for shorter term usage, such as pool mainatnance or tank maintanance (3-5 years)
  • We have a patented corner system which allows each bladder to gain extra height when filled, thereby reducing the foot print required to maximise the storage required – a 250000L bladder typically fills up to 1.8m in height.
  • The bladder once filled can carry significant weight – it can easily withstand the weight of a landrover